Tromsø – Soak in the wonders of Norwegian fjords

Northern Norway has some of the most stunning landscapes in the region. Tromsø is not just famous for the Aurora Borealis, it also has breathtaking fjord landscapes surrounded by thriving wildlife.

dsc06002-edited.jpgDepending on the season and weather (along with some luck), you might be able to see reindeer and elk crossing the road, or even seals hunting for fish. From October to February, there is a possibility that you may even spot humpback whales or orcas when they visit Tromsø’s fjords to feed on herring!

Sadly for us, due to the harsh weather conditions, we were only able to sight a sea eagle circling around the area. The winds were so strong, it had probably chased them away. Perhaps you could be one of the lucky ones to catch a glimpse of Tromsø’s amazing Arctic wildlife.

DSC05813 (Edited)Despite the fog and rain, the scenery was just as beautiful. The combination of the mountains, sky and sea is second to none. Along the way, our eyes were drawn to the blood red, mustard yellow and elegant white houses.

Did you know that back in the day, home owners would choose the colours of their house based on their financial situation?  Red, being the cheapest colour to produce, was made from copper and oil. Yellow, made from ochre and oil, was slightly more expensive. White, the most expensive out of the three, required zinc to make. Interesting isn’t it?

dsc05921-edited.jpgThankfully the weather cleared up a bit when we headed to Ersfjordbotn (at the end of Ersfjorden) to check out this marvelous view.

img_6916DSC05964 (Edited)These snow-capped mountains were captivating and a little haunting as the mist gently swept through the peaks, providing us with a picturesque backdrop.DSC05851 (Edited)We’re in love with these majestic mountains overlooking the partially frozen lake. These pictures can’t captivate the true beauty of this grandeur view, it’s just one of those things that you have to see for yourself!

Fjord Excursion

Discover the scenic landscapes, impressive Norwegian fjords and Arctic wildlife with Chasing Lights by booking through this form.

This day trip takes you on a ride around Tromsø’s beautiful surroundings by car. It includes pick-up from your hotel, thermal wear, light lunch as well as hot drinks around a campfire!

Adult 1,300 NOK

Getting there

The cheapest and fastest way is to catch a budget flight from Oslo to Tromsø. There are more than 5 flights from low-cost airlines such as Norwegian or SAS that flies daily. The journey takes almost two hours.

Otherwise, an alternative route is to take a flight to Oslo, switch to a train to Bodo and finally, drive/bus to Tromsø.

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