Tromsø on a budget: Top 6 Things to Do

As you know, Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but don’t let that stop you from visiting because you would be missing out on a lot. Tromsø is famous for its mountains, fjords and Arctic picturesque sceneries. That’s why we travelled more than 9,500 kilometers to see it for ourselves. With tons of activities available, we are planning our next visit to experience summer time in Tromsø!

Chase the Northern Lights during the night and explore the beautiful musuems during the day – Visit these free and affordable attractions when you visit Tromsø on a Budget!


Here are some budgeting tips that we’ve learnt during our stay in Tromsø:

  • Buy alcohol/cigarettes and pack them in your checked luggage before you fly from your home country! Prices are extremely high if you compare it to other European countries.
  • Staying in an Airbnb allows you to self-cater which can save you loads of money.
  • You can get your groceries relatively cheap from these supermarkets Rema 1000, Prix, Kiwi or Rimi.
  • Request for tap water in restaurants because it is free! Don’t worry, the tap water in Tromsø is one of the cleanest in the world (according to locals).
  • Bring a thermal flask so you can keep  yourself warm and even make a nice cup of hot chocolate during a hike!
  • Walk, walk, and walk! The city centre is quite small so you can walk almost everywhere without having to take a bus.


6 free activities to do in Tromsø when on a Budget:

  • Chase for the Northern Lights! If the sky is clear, you will most likely see them from the city itself.
  • Visit free musuems such as the Perspektivet (A photography museum), the Northern Norway Art Musuem and the Gallery of Contemporary Art.
  • Take a cruise from the Hurtigruten which operates daily from 2:30pm to 6:30pm.
  • Experience the Midnight Sun during summer time. If you can’t sleep, walk around the city centre in the middle of the “night” while there’s still light outside.
  • Explore the Arctic nature by hiking through a list of hiking routes with clear markers.
  •  Visit the Arctic-Alphine Botanical Garden when you visit between May and October.

If you guys have any additional tips to add to make this trip memorable, kindly share it in the comments below!


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