Minimalism: Embrace your inner self

There will be a never ending urge for retail therapy. I’m sure all of us had the experience of not being able to fit more clothes into our wardrobes. Well guys, it’s time to de-clutter your life and clear things that are not used or worn for more than 6 months. If they no longer serve a purpose in your life, let these material things go.

Minimalistic-The Wandering Duo

Less is more

Look at it this way, you wouldn’t want to lug unnecessary baggage around in your life. Things are kept for sentimental value, but know that it will always stay with us, buried deep in our memories. We need to ask ourselves if we really need it and whether we will use it for the long term or leave it dusting in a corner. Let go of unnecessary materials, poisonous people and negative thoughts. Focus on living life in a more meaningful way and look for happiness inward.

Minimalist 1 - The Wandering Duo

Stir your soul

We all have different priorities in life.

I crave to experience the world, see many wonderful things and meet inspiring people in my life time. If we start to think about how we spend, and what we could have saved in order to pursue our greatest passions in life, you’d be inspired to do better.

Don’t ignore your inner voice! Buy what you truly like and need, instead of buying trending items or riding the popularity wave. Embrace your own style and learn to recognize things you cherish. Spend less, own less and most importantly, appreciate what we already have around us. You’ll benefit a lot when you start to distinct the important things in life: the people around you and things you love to do.

Would you rather have more items to show, or experiences to share?


You will feel liberated the moment you let go of things you don’t need. Don’t be suckered into the world of consumerism and what our peers have around us. Always remember, if you are working for someone, you are always paying it off with time. How much time is it worth buying what you need/want? Your quality of life weighs more than the amount of things that you own.

Minimalist 2 - The Wandering Duo

These are some tiny steps you can take to embark on your minimalist journey:

  • Write down the reasons: Evaluate your reasons to help you remember what matters in your life
  • Toss away items you haven’t touched for more than 6 months
  • Mark down clutter-free zones in your home
  • 30 days saving challenge: Save every time you feel like buying something unnecessary and add up your total savings
  • Eliminate toxic relationships
  • Give things to people who needs them more than you!

Here’s to creating a peaceful environment for ourselves to grow and thrive in. Always be grateful for what you have and strive to be a better version of yourself.

What’s your perspective of living a minimalist lifestyle?

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