London Bound

It has been quite the adventure compacted in such a whirlwind experience. Everything was happening so fast. It is funny how you plan things way ahead (I’m talking 2 years in the making!) and when it is finally happening, it’s just a snap. We have always dreamt of moving abroad and when London became an option, it was just very exciting, but it did not come without challenges!

I had to prepare myself to leave within the week when my husband came home one day to announce that we have to go in 5 days. I thought I had more time! More time to say goodbye, to eat all my favourite local food, to have one more last meal with my family and friends. Thankfully the crazy in me had already started packing slowly a few weeks ago.

Knowing that we have to live in a 1 bedroom apartment, I downsized our things. We left with 1 large suitcase, 3 mediums, 2 cabin-sized, 2 carry-ons, 2 backpacks and 1 large box. And that my friends, is our whole life compressed.

When we landed, London greeted us with her usual gloom and overcast. 

Peering through the looking glass, I was squinting for Tower Bridge.

I thought we would have a difficult time maneuvering out of the airport. Are any of you worry-warts like myself? How many times have we told ourselves not to panic, but when you dwell on it, you amplify something and cause unnecessary distress. Well, everything was smooth. We each took a trolley and wheeled everything to the pick-up area.

With God’s grace, this whole move was unbelievably easy. We prayed about this every day without fail.

There were some hiccups here and there while we were apartment hunting. We got there early for our 10:00am appointment as we wanted to walk around the neighbourhood. However, when I called the agent, he told me that the apartment has already been taken! I can’t even begin to describe how I felt.

We immediately went back to our hotel to search on Rightmove. Prayed about it again, and my phone rang at 1:30pm. The agent said that there were some issues with the renters, and if we’d like, we can come over to view the apartment.

Needless to say, we took it immediately.

Hello, new home of 2020.

As many of you know, Covid-19 has already begun its slow creep into all the continents since the beginning of the year. We left in mid February, when things are starting to get worse in Europe. Not a huge surprise, considering we moved here a hot minute ago, lock down has begun. Everyone is keeping their distance and doing their part. Let’s hope it’ll get better soon. People need to get back to some form of normalcy soon, or get used to this “new normal” for just a little while longer.

Don’t forget to support small businesses in your area.

Stay positive and stay sane.

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