The Season of Plantmania

It’s a plant-demic! I have developed new hobbies during this lockdown period. You’ve probably guessed it: Planting. Gardening has given me something to do with my hands, and watching them grow under my care has provided me the element of satisfaction. Especially when they grow new leaves, it is like a validation that you’re doing something right.

Like most people, before Covid-19, I am completely uninterested in the likes of gardening, I had better things to do with my time. Since life is now centralised around being at home, I figured why not start an indoor garden of my own?

I never thought that I would become that crazy plant lady next door, but it really has brought some positivity to my apartment and I am absolutely loving it. My accidental love story started with a little humble Aloe Vera plant that I bought from IKEA.

Aloe Vera, Tradescantia and Ficus Robusta

Having found a brand new appreciation (and obsession), I have decided to purchase more aesthetic plants from Patch Plants to add some life to my home. The ones I picked out are Ficus Robusta, Tradescantia Sitara, Monstera Deliciosa and Dumb Cane. I am currently in love with my collection, and I’m hoping to grow them over time (slowly).

Monstera Deliciosa
Dumb Cane

Once you picked out your favourite plants, the next goal would be getting the perfect plant pot and accessories. The right pot adds character to the plant.

Just look at my Ficus Robusta:

Not sure about you, but I prefer him in his concrete pot. It brings out the trimmings of his leaves.

After watching them thrive (a confirmation that I am no plant killer), I decided to set up a little corner to start growing Sugar Plum Tomatoes. You must be thinking, isn’t that what shops are for? Why am I wasting my time growing them?

I can’t explain the feeling of success when the seeds you harvested from store bought produce start to sprout. I googled. I watched tons of videos. Just to make sure I was doing everything right.

Sugar Plum Tomatoes

From there, I started propagating Basil, Cabbage, and my most recent sprouts – Strawberries!

Indoor Garden Set-up

Here’s to a good harvest in 6 months.

If you can’t go outside, why not bring the outdoors inside instead? 😉

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