Project: Floral Infinity Mirror

Inspired by the Big Flower Fight on Netflix, I have decided to create my own Floral Infinity Mirror piece to hang in my living room. Acquiring the materials took a little bit of time, but I have linked up the list for you below!

Materials to Gather (Total cost just under £18)
RIBBA Frame (23cm x 23cm)
Acrylic Mirror (Cut to size customer order)
One-way Mirror Film
Dried Floral Arrangements

Trippy! 🙂

You can simply use the flowers that you’ve received from someone you love, or flowers you’ve picked from your walks to creatively feature them on your wall.

Step 1: Line the LED lights around the mount
I used little thin strips of Gorilla Tape to secure them, you can also use superglue if you’d like. But I’d rather have the option to up-cycle it again.

Step 2: Design and arrange your flowers on the mirror
Use UHU glue or contact glue to gently stick the flowers on the mirror.

I used baby’s breathe and a type of Echium I picked from my walks

Step 3: Cut the two-way film to size and place it behind the plastic sheet of the frame
I tried to stick it, but there was just way too many bubbles, I found that layering it works just as well.

Step 4: Assemble!
Layer in this order: Plastic sheet, two-way film, mount with LED lights, mirror with floral arrangement and lastly the photo frame backing.

And there you have it, a simple and fun DIY project to save that special bouquet of flowers!

Don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!

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